Who We Are

Welcome to Net World Tennis USA! The home of the world’s best tennis gear was born from the incredible success story of Net World Sports USA, an online sports retailer. However, due to the huge demand for its amazing range of professional tennis equipment, Net World Tennis was created to be a marketplace for players, fans, and coaches alike to find their favourite tennis accessories all in one location.

We dedicate our time to one of the United States’ most beloved sports, and strive to provide the ultimate customer experience for our buyers, from the first click to the last checkout. We’re always ready and waiting on the end of our Call Center phonelines or via our Live Chat service to answer any of your questions, to help with any potential issues, or maybe just talk about Tennis!

We’re inspired by the sport’s iconic style, and that’s represented within our vast catalog of incredible products.

There’s something for everyone; see our mini tennis range for beginners and family fun in the backyard. Try our tennis court equipment for any maintenance officials, or go big with an amazing court makeover and treat yourself to the some of the greatest tennis nets & posts you’ll find on the market.

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In 2016, we came up with an idea for our very own Tennis brand, and not long after, ‘Vermont’ was born. Our Vermont brand of exquisite tennis products will eventually be the face of Net World Tennis USA, and hopefully the future of tennis itself. Currently, we have several amazing products to choose from our specialist range of Tennis Nets, Posts, and Mini Tennis gear. Pretty soon, Vermont will even have its own mascot!

Currently, Vermont’s reach extends to all four corners of the world, delivering championship quality nets & posts to tennis fans, clubs, and courts that share our passion.

Still not convinced? Then why not ask the guys over at New York’s Flushing Meadows? The venue is home to the US Open, and Vermont’s Tennis Posts have featured on the main event of those beautiful blue courts. Meanwhile, our showstopper – the DT Championship Net has been used in Australia and France’s Open grand slam tournaments, along with England’s legendary Wimbledon Championship.

The beautiful minds at Net World Tennis USA are continuously working behind the scenes to make Vermont become the pinnacle of the tennis industry, while supplying the ultimate grand slam quality tennis gear at extraordinary low-cost prices.

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What We Do

Net World Tennis USA has a diverse range where players, clubs, and facilities that host matches can find what they’re searching for. From Balls to Rackets, Posts to Nets, and Training Gear to Tennis Ball Launchers, our objective is to provide the perfect product for your desires – either for recreation or official tournaments & matches.

what we do

How We Got Here

We recently moved from America’s West Coast all the way to North Carolina, and now we’re located overseas in the UK. Find us in the suburbs of a town called Wrexham, in a massive industrial estate which we’ve made our own! It’s the home of our multi-award winning, sport-crazy team. We constantly put our belief and praise into the outstanding quality of the FORZA brand, especially the Soccer Goals of which we sold over 100,000 in 2016.

It’s an ever-growing team of dedicated, energetic, and super-talented individuals that are the heartbeat of a brand new 6522.93 sq.ft office building extension, now home to our Marketing, Design, Purchasing, Web Development, and Online Content Teams. We also bought the whole area that was up for grabs which trebled our space to 120,000 sq.ft – a bunch of room to stock the elite range of tennis products in. This in turn enables us to deliver the vast majority of our stock via Next Day delivery; a reason why so many customers keep returning to us year in, year out.

For 2017 and beyond, we’re striving to build upon our previous achievements in the UK press’s Sunday Times Fast Track Business Awards (an award that goes to the country’s fastest growing businesses), where we finished in 45th place and 2nd in Wales! With an entire rebrand on the horizon for our Baseball, Tennis, & Golf range, the only way is forward! Watch this space.

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