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Grand Slam quality tennis equipment

Court Perimeter Netting

Tennis Court Perimeter Netting

UV stabilized, rot-proof tennis court surround netting can be cut to any size you require. Heights available are: 4ft, 7ft, 9ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft and 20ft. You choose the length!

Tennis Court Size - How Much Netting do I Need?

The length of a tennis court is 78ft and the width for a full size court is 36ft. For a singles court, the length is still 78ft but the width is 27ft. We recommend a minimum distance of 21ft from the baseline to any court perimeter netting. The minimum distance recommended between courts is 12ft.

Court Dimension or Netting Queries? Get in Touch for Expert Advice

For friendly, expert advice on tennis nets for sale please email [email protected] or call us at 866-861-9095

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  1. Tennis Perimeter Netting | Tennis Surround Netting | Net World Tennis USA

    Tennis Court Perimeter Nets


    Tennis Nets Supplied To Size. Simply Select Net Height, Then Select Length Of Net You Require. Learn More
  2. Stop That Ball™ (Net & Post System) | Ball Stop Netting | Backstop Netting | Ball Perimeter Netting | Net World Tennis USA

    Stop That Ball™ (Net & Post System)



    Revolutionary ball control fence. Stop That Ball™ is a 10FT high net which can be used for tennis courts and gardens! Learn More
  3. Cable Ties for Sports Nets | Net Cable Ties | How to Secure A Tennis Net | Net World Sports USA

    Cable Ties for Sports Nets (Small & Medium Sizes)



    Pack of 100 super high quality net cable ties available in small & medium sizes. Perfect for securing multi-sport nets in any environment. Learn More
  4. Fixing / Tie Net Twine (2mm/4mm Rolls) | Net World Tennis USA

    2mm / 4mm Net Repair & Lacing Tie Twine (Black)



    Netting repair twine and net hanging rope. Rolls of black netting tie twine. Learn More
  5. Tennis Net Spring Clips | Spring Clips | Dog Clips | Net Clips | S Clips | Net World Tennis USA

    Tennis Net Spring Clips



    A huge pack of 50 zinc plated steel spring clips for tennis surround netting. Perfect for use with all types of netting, especially for nets on running wires. Learn More
  6. Net Clips | Tennis Netting Fixture | Tennis Net Clips | Net World Tennis USA

    Tennis Net Clips (80 Pack)



    Pack of 80 durable black tennis net clips. Suitable for all net types in every environment. Learn More
  7. Cable Ties for Sports Nets | Net Cable Ties | How to Secure A Tennis Net | Net World Sports USA

    Elastic Bungee Net Ties [Pack of 40]



    High durability net bungee ties. Designed for use with football goal hinged net supports and other sport equipment frames. Pack of 40. Learn More
  8. Wire & Rigging Hardware | Net Rigging Components | Net Rigging Wires & Tools | Netting Accessories | Net World Tennis USA

    Wire & Rigging Assembly



    An incredible range of equipment and tools for all varieties of Tennis netting; from snap hooks, spring clips, cables, grips & more for safe and secure assembly. Learn More
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