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Grand Slam quality tennis equipment

Umpire Chairs & Benches

Net World Tennis USA now supply a wide range of elite Tennis Umpire's Chairs & Benches, perfect for enhancing your court with a touch of professionalism. The vast majority of our stocked chairs, tables and benches are customisable, so feel free to decorate with your club's own colour and branding, providing an unrivalled authentic game experience for players and officials alike.
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  1. Tennis Umpire's Chair - Wimbledon Style

    Tennis Umpires Chair



    Standard 6.3ft Wooden Tennis Umpires Chair. Learn More
  2. Tennis Umpire's Chair (Upman Horse 1)

    Tennis Umpires Chair (Championship Standard)



    This Tennis Umpires Chair has been featured in official tournaments all over the globe, including the China open and WTA Women’s open. Learn More
  3. Tennis Umpires Chair (Tournament Standard)

    Tennis Umpires Chair (Tournament Standard)



    This contemporary, stylish and professional tennis umpire's chair has exclusively featured in the China Open and in licensed tournaments across the globe. Learn More
  4. Tennis Players Chair | Net World Tennis USA

    Tennis Players Chair



    Stylish. Comfortable. Professional. This Tennis Players Chair is perfect for courts hosting licensed tournaments or upgrading facilities. Learn More
  5. Tennis Players Bench

    Tennis Players Bench



    Players, spectators or even officials can take a time-out in comfort and style. Learn More
  6. Tennis Player's Table

    Tennis Players Table



    Take a break around this contemporary player's table after a long day on court; a stylish and practical item for any professional Tennis establishment or home court. Learn More
  7. Tennis Table & Chairs Set

    Tennis Table & Chairs Set



    Store personal belongings and kick back during court time-outs with this authentic and professional, low-cost Tennis Court Table & Chairs set. Learn More
  8. Tennis Table & Benches Set

    Tennis Table & Benches Set



    Kick back and relax on court with this table and benches set; an integral court accessory for all professional Tennis establishments. Learn More
  9. Double-side Court Bench Set

    Double-side Court Bench Set



    Double-sided bench, table, and canopy package; a superb time-out accessory for two connecting tennis courts. Seat & shelter up to 16 people. Learn More
  10. Temporary Grandstand | Sports Seating | Spectator Seating | Event Seating | Venue Seating | Net World Tennis USA

    Temporary Grandstand



    Grace your Tennis Court facilities with this Temporary Grandstand. Able to seat up to 36 spectators, it's perfect for hosting licensed tournaments. Learn More
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